GOP Rigs Congress So Majority Can't Rule



Being a congress person right now is like being the judge at a greasy foods contest. You're full of sh**. And trying to point to the dish or chef that gave you the runs and that gassy, bloated feeling is like finding that needle in the haystack. It takes a large electro-magnate and it'll bring the metal needle to you.

Well, YouTube brings up this needle. It's the one that shows just who is responsible for the government shutdown. There's all sorts of finger pointing in Washington. What it really boils down to is whose war is it anyway? The answer is the Republicans.

What they did is they rigged the voting procedure rules on the floor.

According to HuffPo:

Though at least 28 House Republicans have publicly said they would support a clean CR if it were brought to the floor -- enough votes for the government to reopen when combined with Democratic support -- a House rule passed just before the shutdown essentially prevents that vote from taking place.

Surprisingly, while pressure's been put on Speaker Boehner to bring the clean CR vote to the floor, he's not the guy the Democrats should be lobbying or pressuring. Want to know who that really is?  Eric Cantor.

During a floor speech on Saturday, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) drew attention to the quietly passed rule when he attempted to present a motion to accept the Senate's clean continuing resolution and reopen the government.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), presiding over the chamber, told Van Hollen that the rule he was asking to use had been "altered" and he did not have the privilege of bringing that vote to the floor. In the ensuing back and forth, Chaffetz said the recently passed House Resolution 368 trumped the standing rules. Where any member of the House previously could have brought the clean resolution to the floor under House Rule 22, House Resolution 368 -- passed on the eve of the shutdown -- gave that right exclusively to the House majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia.

If you have the stomach, here's how Rep. Chris Van Hollen's attempt to get clarification for this new ruling went down. Seems it's impossible to get a direct answer to a simple question. See this travesty for yourself.

What was the purpose of this new standard for who can bring up a bill on the floor? It was part of a plan, a conspiracy to be more accurate. Afraid their unpopular stand to shut the government down might be torpedoed by a full vote, they did what any good strategist would do, took away the opponents access to their weapons. The government can't be opened without a passing vote from the Republican- run House. And that vote can only come when the Republicans say it can. Specifically Eric Cantor

So the next time the mouthpieces for the GOP say they're not the one's holding up the government's reopening, ask why then don't they vote? The Democrats are willing to pass a clean CR. Their roughly 200 votes added to approximately two dozen Republican votes are  more than enough for the bill to pass and open the government up. So now we know who's really holding up a vote, if you were wanting to know.

  • mueizzathecat

    Ted Cruz's wife works for Goldman Sachs..they have heavily invested in derivatives and are Hedging against the United States meeting their debt obligations just like in 2008 and 2009 with the tainted credit swaps sold to France and Greece (and most the rest of the world) and the LIBOR scam in the UK..) That's why the Last minute House RULES change of Rule 22, and why the Dog and Pony show till they cause the country to default. The rest of the world has figured it out, that's why the British made a deal with China yesterday to begin "the De-americanization of the world's financial markets replacing the dollar with more "Stable currencies" and the "dumping of American financial instruments from their portfolios(all over Europe and Asia..)

  • David G

    Oh, how true, how sadly true. DG

  • RepublicanSwine

    Sadly, this what they're all about now. Can't win legitimately or legislate properly then change the rules.