Disability community shocked, hurt. Senate aide: "One of most shameful moments I've witnessed... utterly appalling."


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As I wrote yesterday, and as you can see in the video above, even Republican, 89-year-old disabled vet Bob Dole couldn’t sway 13 GOP senators to ratify U.N. disabilities treaty. And it was utterly shameful, a genuinely disgraceful episode. In fact, the outcome was so painful that it brought Lawrence O'Donnell to tears:

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Now it's becoming clearer than ever that Republicans don't value life at all, unless of course, they think they can squeeze votes from uninformed and gullible voters by saying they do. It's becoming clearer than ever that Republicans say one thing and do another. It's becoming clearer than ever that heartless far right hypocrites need to go.

As  Josh Rogin reports, the disability community was shocked and hurt:

David Morrissey, the executive director of the United State International Council on Disabilities, told The Cable in an interview that his group and many others had been assured by numerous GOP senators that they would vote in favor of ratification, but then disabilities groups were given no warning when those senators reversed themselves and voted "no." [...]

The scene both inside and just outside the Senate chamber Tuesday before and during the vote was heart-wrenching, several observers said. Wounded war veterans and other disabled people filled the gallery above the floor and the hallways outside the chamber, expecting to celebrate months of effort, only to have those hopes shattered as the roll call vote was read aloud.

"That was one of most shameful moments I've witnessed during my time in Washington," one longtime senior Senate aide said. "I thought it was utterly appalling."

"The reaction was one of emotional hurt. There was weeping in the gallery," said Morrissey, who added that disability groups will remember the GOP senators who torpedoed the treaty ratification effort and groups have labeled the 38 the "wall of shame."

As Morrissey went on to say, this is what happens when right wing crazies try to agitate home schoolers, "pro-lifers" [sic], and parents with disabled children.

Be proud, GOP. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

  • Chuck

    The disregard for humanity in the Republican party is disgusting. And the fact that they are so blatant about putting policy and money before people sickens me. Why are they still in office?  Time to clean house.

  • cognachas4paws

    Please thank Sens. Snowe and Collins from an Illinois citizen when you write your note.

  • cognachas4paws

    I agree - this was shameful.  It was difficult to even watch the video of Lawrence but it was even more difficult when Sen. Dole came into the chamber - and harder still when his appearance was followed by no votes from 38 Republicans.

    Shameful doesn't even seem to be a strong enough word to describe this vote.

  • I may not always agree with my Senators Snowe and Collins, but I'm proud of them for their vote. Collins especially has been a champion for veterans.

    I am writing a letter to thank both of them, and I will urge Collins to join Angus King in becoming an Independent. If she can't sway enough Republicans to ratify the treaty, she should caucus with the Democrats- the party of Eisenhower, Margaret Chase Smith, and perhaps even Reagan has more in common with the Democrats than the Teapublicans.

    As someone with Cerebral Palsy, I am sad for my country, but proud, as always, of the Great State of Maine.