Margie J. Phelps scrubs anti-gay, forged tweet about dead soldier


I'd like to share this tweet by someone who calls herself MargieJPhelps on Twitter (It looks as though she deleted the tweet, so I am sharing a screen grab of my retweet):

RT is an abbreviation for "retweet", or essentially a copy and paste of an original tweet. So she's claiming her RT is a copy of my original tweet. It wasn't. She clearly changed the wording drastically and attributed the revision to me.

She left this one up:

Tim, by the way, is gay.

My original tweet read, VIDEO: Gay soldier’s “sexual orientation was the least interesting thing about him” plus a link to the post.

Margie (if indeed it is the actual Margie J. Phelps, and I suspect it is) is the despicable daughter and  lead counsel of despicable disbarred lawyer and pastor of Westboro Babtist "Church", Fred Phelps. You might remember that group from vile events like this:

westboro baptist church signs gays obama

Apparently, those associated with this "Christian" organization feel it's okay to forge tweets and use bigotry and slurs to win people over to their way of thinking.

I posted a number of tweets saying that very thing to her, so I suppose she felt obligated to scrub her forgery (before she could get kicked off Twitter) of my original tweet about Andrew, who was killed in Afghanistan only six weeks ago. His parents, Jeff and Lori Wilfahrt, were on the Tim Corrimal show with me today.

Exposure of this kind of slime is one way to make even a minimal difference. The deletion was only a tiny victory, but at least it was something.

Afterthought: She doesn't appear to have exactly honed her lawyer (or Christian) skills.

  • phillip

    People of have so much hate like phelps and his brood, are mostly unhappy people.  They are full of negative energy, and draws more negative energy to their families and lives.  They may not know it, but they are already in living hell.

  • Lovepink53193

    Margie, you say you are a servent of the Lord, as the servent of the Lord you are supposed to show non believers the word of God but shining His light through you. This is not the way to go about it.

  • WordSmith

    Please tell me you videotaped that 'interview.' I'm sensing blank stares ensued when the question was asked, eh?

  • Hugs, David! And you are a giant to me.

  • I wondered if it was something to pursue, especially since she's a lawyer and knew better.

  • David G.

    Trust me, Laffy, anyone who knows you knows your compassion for people of every persuasion... But I'm so sorry that someone would stoop that low. Yet that's what has happened in this country too much lately -- fear. I just want to stand up and say how proud I am of you, Paddy and your site... You will always be there for we little guys (in my case literally) who need a big voice. DG

  • joesdaughter


  • I had a brief encounter with them here in NYC and asked one of them: If God hates fags so much, why do you all continue to pray and worship his gay son Jesus?


  • I had a brief encounter with them here in NYC and asked one of them: If God hates fags so much, why do you all continue to pray and worship his gay son Jesus?


  • Anonymous

    The Phelps hatemongers are not comfortable in their own skins--their behavior & phil0sophy bespeak a sort of hysteria that is said to be indicative of the deeply repressed homosexual tendencies of the self-loathing Fred Phelps. The more indecent and elaborate the efforts to offend become, the more convinced I become that the Reverend Phelps is reacting to a part of his own personality that he cannot accept. That may account for the level of viciousness displayed by Westboro Baptist.

    I"m sorry if my impression offends people who are in the LGBT community--I don't blame the LGBT community if they don't want to imagine that Fred Phelps might be gay. The fact remains that Fred Phelps and his congregation are a blot on all humanity--he gives us ALL a bad reputation.

  • Ripley in CT

    That account and the associated website are so incredibly offensive. I definitely do not feel at all Christlike when I read her filth.

  • Ain't she a peach?

  • Mike P.

    Zoweee... after I saw what she did to you earlier today, I wrote to her more or less as a human being. Had I only known... (I didn't know the name)

  • No, we won't picket their funerals. We will celebrate them since the world will be at least a marginally better place without them. They are vile and degenerate and must be mentally ill if they think that this type of behavior will somehow get them into "heaven".

  • Seriously, I wonder if these people realize how vile and hateful they are? And I wonder if people will also picket their funeral when either she or Fred dies. They seem to embody the most hateful part of human capabilities of cruelty I wonder if it will come back to them.