Oklahoma GOP Has Gone Batsh*t Crazy, May Ban All Marriage



I'm sure we all know about spite -- we've either done something in that vein or have had it done to us. Well, the Republicans in Oklahoma are readying to chop off their noses to spite their face.

Only the Sooner State right-wing crazies could come up with something so silly and stupid that it makes you think there's going to be another land rush -- only this time to leave the Oklahoma territory. Get this, the state legislature is concerned about their same-sex marriage ban. Well, actually, they're one step ahead of that. They think their same-sex marriage ban will be challenged. To make sure no same-sex marriage happens in their fine state under any circumstances including federal/Supreme court findings, they're considering banning all marriage.

Think this is a Saturday Night Sketch? Well, it may become one, but first check out reality on News9.com:

So Oklahoma, what's next? Will all of the children of "married" couples become bastards? Can't wait for you deal with this one.

  • paullwolborsky

    Talk about a Hissy.. and hersy Fit ;D

  • Bose

    Minor edit: The ban has failed its first test in court, badly. A judge who has had the longest-running case challenging a state constitutional ban seems to have been buoyed by the Windsor decision and perhaps his Utah colleague's similar ruling just before Christmas.

    The adorable angle on this one, to me, is that they're proving the difference between civil and religious marriage that they otherwise pretend doesn't exist. No doubt pastors in a post-civil-marriage era in OK would continue marrying up their hetero parishioners; those would be religious-only marriages, apparently, not civil, denying all those "traditional" families the 1,000+ rights and responsibilities historically denied to same-sex-headed families.