Justice Dep't. files lawsuit against Texas voter ID law


Eric Holder

The Voter I.D. laws (AKA poll taxes) that GOP-run states are implementing are completely unnecessary, because voter fraud is nearly non-existent.

But they do prevent voters from voting. Especially elderly voters. And young voters. And non-white voters. And disabled voters. And any voter unable to come up with enough money to buy an I.D. card or pay for a birth certificate request (should they be one of those Americans who never got one or lost theirs).

And any voter who is unable to find and/or afford transportation to an official Voter I.D. agency.

In other words, mostly Democratic voters, which is exactly why GOP-run states are itching to enforce these partisan, unjustified laws.

That’s called “voter suppression.” Keeping minorities (who tend to vote Democratic) from the polls is a Republican wet dream and a Democratic nightmare, and it is discriminatory and unconstitutional, which is why this happened:

(CNN) - The U.S. Justice Department said Thursday it will file a lawsuit seeking to stop a controversial Texas law that would require voters to show identification at voting booths.

Thanks to the Supreme Court decision striking down the heart of the Voting Rights Act, Texas felt free to disenfranchise as many voters as possible. Eric Holder's statement:

"Today’s action marks another step forward in the Justice Department’s continuing effort to protect the voting rights of all eligible Americans,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “We will not allow the Supreme Court’s recent decision to be interpreted as open season for states to pursue measures that suppress voting rightsThe Department will take action against jurisdictions that attempt to hinder access to the ballot box, no matter where it occurs.  We will keep fighting aggressively to prevent voter disenfranchisement. We are determined to use all available authorities, including remaining sections of the Voting Rights Act, to guard against discrimination and, where appropriate, to ask federal courts to require preclearance of new voting changes.  This represents the Department’s latest action to protect voting rights, but it will not be our last."

Holder is also "upping the ante on its fight against redistricting," per Pete Williams on MSNBC.

Here is the entire DoJ press release.

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