Poll-itics: 52% for marriage equality in all 50 states. Against: Weekly churchgoers, men, Southerners, GOP


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It’s GOP fake reinvention o’clock again

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Gallup used two separate approaches to measure public support for gay marriage this month, and they produced similar results: 52% would vote for a federal law legalizing same-sex marriages in all 50 states, and 54% think gay marriages should be recognized as valid, with the same rights as marriages between men and women. This adds to the body of evidence in Gallup trends that public opinion on gay marriage has reached a tipping point, whereby the majority now clearly supports it. Nevertheless, the issue remains highly divisive, as large majorities of left-leaning, nonreligious, and younger Americans endorse it, while right-leaning, religious, and older Americans still oppose it.

Many of those who can't accept that consenting adults want to express their love by devoting the rest of their lives to each other and legally marry are often the same hypocrites who insist they support "family values." Like marriage. And having families.

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