VIDEO-- GOP lawmaker, in tears: "I cast a politically expedient vote in favor of DOMA & I have regretted that ever since.”


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Via Americans Against the Tea Party:

Back in March, Lynne Osterman, who was elected as a Republican to the Minnesota legislature offered this tearful apology for casting a “politically expedient” vote for Minnesota’s “Defense of Marriage” law that outlawed same-sex marriage.

Her tears brought me to tears:

I served as a Republican because of my interest in smaller government. And it was incredibly counter-intuitive to me to then upon my arrival, tell citizens how the government wanted them to live their lives. I didn’t’ come to St. Paul to single out same-sex couples and their families. But in my only term as a member…..[long pause, tearing up] I cast a politically expedient vote in favor of DOMA and I have regretted that ever since...

Nothing in my life says it's OK to treat people differently than how I would want to be treated— fairly, respectfully, equally. And that's really what this conversation is about. Whether you believe in big government or small, do you believe in fair, respectful, equal? Is it ever OK to say "well, except for those people"? ...

I blew my vote. And I'm imploring you, please get this right. Minnesota citizens just want you to lead.

She got her wish. In May, Minnesota voted for marriage equality.

Let's hope this is another sign of things to come.

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