GOP official: "I think this ends [Christie's] 2016 chances. It's year after year with this guy."


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No sooner had I posted this video of Chris Christie saying, "I don’t know the cost for the special election and I don’t care," along with a reminder of how some very misguided Democrats support this mean-spirited, not in the least bit liberal, self-serving, conservative loudmouth (WTF is wrong with these people? “Major Democratic donors flock to Chris Christie”)-- and why they shouldn't--than the following National Journal came to my attention.

It's so unexpectedly schadenfreudy to see the GOP acknowledging the Christie Me Me Me It's All About Me Syndrome:

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Republicans are fuming over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's decision to hold an early special election to fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, with several Washington-based operatives suggesting he's putting his own interests ahead of the GOP's. The decision to hold a separate special election in October 2013—just two weeks before his own election—would give any interested Republican candidates little time to announce, organize a campaign, and raise the necessary money to take on a top-tier Democrat, likely Newark Mayor Cory Booker. [...]

"I think this ends his 2016 chances. It's year after year with this guy," complained one senior Republican official.

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Fun stuff, good times, swell excerpt, but will they still feel that way in a year or so? Stay tuned.

schadenfreudeH/t: Taegan

  • Democrats need to recognize two very, very important things: Christie flat-out ignores bipartisan legislation, and he ignores public referendums he disagrees with. How, exactly, can ANY Progressive support this tub of ignorant, arrogant, goo? We don't need a bloviating beachball in ANY public office, let alone as POTUS.

  • James Wilkinson

    How ANY Democrat can support ANY Republican for ANY elected office in these years of hyper-partisan, give-no-quarter politics is totally beyond me. Except that the Democrats, themselves, aren't that much better than the Republicans. They're just different. Of course Christie is all about himself. He believes the photo ops he seen in the New York Times and believes the soothing words he reads. He will pad his well-reinforced bed any way he can.

  • Jack Boardman

    What would prompt me to vote for Christie? Christie ~vs~ Palin? Christie ~vs~ Bachmann? Christie ~vs~ Boehner? [Sigh] I guess I'd just write myself in and vote for meeeee!