Young voters: GOP “closed-minded, racist, rigid, old-fashioned,” NOT "open-minded, caring, co-operative”


chart youth vote 1972-2012
extreme makeover my ass

Seems that that widely publicized Republican "reinvention" is a big, fat, epic fail. At least it is to young voters, who have been, and will be, a major factor in elections.

First Read:

To young voters, the Republican Party can appear “closed-minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned,” according to a newly-released post-election report probing the party’s failures to capture more of the young electorate in last year’s presidential election.

The 95-page report from the College Republican National Committee, the latest post-mortem from party leadership, paints a grim picture of the GOP’s image with voters under 29, citing a series of surveys and focus groups conducted before and after the 2012 presidential election. The report found that younger voters – even those considered “winnable” for Republicans-- tended to associate the party with words like “rich” and “religious” while stating that adjectives like “open-minded,” “caring,” and “co-operative” were traits that least describe the GOP.

Let's recap: Republicans are being described as wealthy, self-serving, bigoted, stodgy, narrow-minded, detached, uncompassionate, uncompromising white Christians. check mark smaller

The "big tent" party also didn't fare too well when it came to marriage equality and Latinos, and were none too happy with "outrageous statements made by errant Republican voices."

oops rick perry smallerApparently, they need a redo of their redo. Time to reinvent that outreachy, rebrandy makeover.

  • majii

    None of this research will do the GOP any good because they have no plan to change any of their policies. They're still thinking their problem is "communicating" their ideas to voters. How do you tell the elderly who depend on Meals on Wheels that you care about them while you're cutting their food assistance? You can't, and it shows me the depth of republicans' intransigence if they're thinking they can say one thing and do something entirely different.

  • Or, the only Big Tent left in the #GOP is in their flammable pants

  • They'd realize that if you do not adapt to your environment, or evolve, your species will be on the road to extinction - if those stodgy, Christian, Hidebound, Male #GOP believed in Evolution.

  • Sally

    And they didn't even mention the attacks on women, which I find interesting, or are young women far savvier than their mothers and flocking to the DNC?