WTF is wrong with these people? "Major Democratic donors flock to Chris Christie"


shoot self in foot 2

Dear Dems:

Stop shooting yourselves in the foot.

Love, an extremely frustrated Laffy

I don't know how to make this any clearer:

Playing arcade games with President Obama, snickering as he barks bluntly (read: disrespectfully and rudely) to reporters and women who question him, and approving of his handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy are not reason enough for Democrats to give him money. Why? Here's why:

  • Chris Christie Vetoed Same-Sex Marriage
  • Chris Christie Is No Friend to Workers
  • Chris Christie Doesn’t Believe in Universal Pre-K
  • Chris Christie Misuses State Funds
  • Chris Christie Vetoed a Hike in the Minimum Wage
  • Chris Christie Vetoed Equal Pay Legislation
  • Chris Christie Targeted Poor Families in His Budget
  • Chris Christie Cut Funding to Family Planning Organizations
  • Chris Christie Is Proudly Anti-Choice

He also vetoed early voting, which means he has nothing against voter suppression.

Forethought, people, forethought. Think! Is this someone you'd want gaining more power?

And then there's all that boasting about Christie accomplishing something that is required by the state. He HAD to balance the budget. Please follow the links above for more on his record. Please.

Because after reading this article at the Newark Star-Ledger, you're going to want to share them with a lot of rich, politically connected Democrats:

Gov. Chris Christie is cashing in donations from top Democratic fundraisers and other traditionally liberal donors across the country, even nabbing the support of a handful of rainmakers aligned with President Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Star-Ledger review of state and federal records shows.

The checks are flying into the Republican governor’s war chest from all sorts of unlikely places — the hedge fund run by liberal billionaire George Soros, for example, and the politically progressive halls of the University of California, Berkeley. [...]

Brigid Harrison, a political science professor at Montclair State University, said much of Christie’s Democratic support stems from a recent fundraiser in California with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. If those West Coast donors knew more about Christie’s conservative record inside the Statehouse — vetoing a same-sex marriage bill and minimum-wage increase, for example — they might not be so eager to open their wallets, she said.

What does it take? What is wrong with these people? Why would any Democrat want Christie in office? Good f'ing grief!

Again, Chris Christie is all about Chris Christie. Say it with me. Once and for all, understand who this guy is.

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