Poll-itics: Bobby Jindal's approvals take a dive in La.; nearly half give him a failing grade


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Bobby Jindal needs a time out.

Via the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Gov. Bobby Jindal's approval rating dropped from 51 percent in October to just under 38 percent in March due to voter dissatisfaction with state fiscal and education policies, according to a poll released Tuesday.

"Educational policies." They must be talking about all those cuts to higher education and, well, these educational policies:

Crazy Crawfish:

[U]nder Jindal’s guidance, Louisiana is encouraging voucher schools to open up and teach that slavery was just a choice, and not an entirely bad one.

Of course his spokescomedian said, "We care more about the unemployment numbers than approval numbers..." Now that's funny.

Speaking of which, 63% were opposed to his tax swap plan which would get rid of some income and corporate taxes in favor of higher state sales taxes.

Close to that number didn't think much of his budget cuts to education and health care, nor were they fans of his voucher school fixation.

Maybe Bobby needs to go back to school, because his state report card is abysmal:

grade D

When asked what letter grade they would give Jindal, nearly half gave the governor a D or F, with 29 percent giving him an A or B.

grade F

For someone who ordered other Republicans not to be stupid...

Here's the result I got when I clicked on a poll at the same site that asked, "A new poll released Tuesday shows 49 percent of Louisianans would give Gov. Bobby Jindal a D or F grade. What grade would you give him?"

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Oh but wait. It gets so much better:

The poll, conducted by Southern Media & Opinion Research with funding from conservative businessman Lane Grigsby, showed President Barack Obama is currently more popular than Jindal in the state, eking ahead of the governor five points.


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