Understatement o' the Day: "To voters, today's Republican candidates don't look like nice people."


gop Dear America I don't care 

As I said in Dear GOP: Do you think America is deaf, blind, and/or stupid? On second thought, don’t answer that:

While the GOP is busy promoting all the different ways it is supposedly reinventing itself, the rest of us have been busy debunking their claims. So let’s get a few things straight:

They’re not changing, they’re pandering.

They’re not remaking, they’re reframing.

They’re not rehabilitating, they’re spewing.

They’re not developing, they’re duplicating.

And they think we’re buying what they’re selling. They truly believe Americans are that gullible. Wrong.

Note to Republicans: When you pass laws that hurt the very people you claim to care about, you have no credibility.

With that, here is today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "GOP rift on display at conference," March 17

Many of the Republicans who spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week seemed to think that the problem with their party was the wrapping, not the package. They seem to miss the point that what's inside the package is the problem.

When CPAC speaker Mitt Romney said privately to a group of wealthy donors during his presidential campaign that he could write off about 47% of voters, he put into words what many Republicans think. Voters were familiar with this mentality already, but it took a bartender with a camera to expose it to those who didn't quite get it.

To voters, today's Republican candidates don't look like nice people. That's their problem.

Steve Baker