Poll-itics: 71% back raising minimum wage, including most Democrats and independents, half of Republicans


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Dear GOP:

gallup minimum wage

Not only do seven in 10 Americans say they would vote "for" raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour, but there is overwhelming empirical consensus shows little if any effect of the minimum wage on employment. Think Progress:

One study found “no detectable employment losses,” another found “no impact on hours worker or employment levels,” and another found that the minimum wage actually strengthens employment. Other studies found that raising the minimum wage doesn’t impact job growth even if it is done during periods of high unemployment.

Think Progress, from their post Why Employers Won’t Fire People If We Raise The Minimum Wage To $9:

In fact, the three largest employers of minimum wage workers, Wal‐Mart, Yum! Brands (Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC), and McDonald’s, all are more profitable than they were before the Great Recession and “have awarded their top executives multi-million dollar compensation packages.”

And did you know that two Democrats will introduce a bill raising the minimum wage above $10? And that 65 Republicans supported increasing the minimum wage when Bush was president? Imagine that.

  • Republicans are totally controlled by their Fascist Tea Party, who are basically ignorant and lack the ability to compromise for the good of the Nation.Boehner couldn't get them to vote on his own Plan B. They are driven to take us back to the stone age, repeal Roe v Wade, Repeal the ACA, Repeal the Civil Rights Act, Break the Unions, initiate Right to Work for Less, keep the minimum wage down, supress or rig the vote and basically vote against their own best interest. They don't understand where the deficit came from, hate this Black president and are obsessed with the urge to make him fail. A Democracy cannot be governed like this. Vote these obstructionists out in 2014. #RockTheHouse2014