VIDEO-- Jeb's flip-floppy day. As for Bush 2016, Herman Cain says, "Not so fast, Kimosabe!"


jeb bush


Jeb Bush wishes Romney were president, and his poor little heart is broken because Obama won a second term and Willard lost. Bush clearly admires the failed candidate because he's doing his best impression of all those infamous Mitt flip flops:

TPM: Jeb Bush made a surprising return to the immigration reform debate by announcing he no longer supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. But after a backlash from immigration activists, he seems to be opening the door the slightest bit to changing his mind once again.

Not the best role model, Jeb. You may want to think that strategy through before you find yourself flailing around in that vast, losery, Etch A Sketchy political abyss.

etch a sketch romney smaller

Video via TPM.

  • Sally

    Oh, let him flail. The thought of Bush III, Cain, Santorum, Ryan, Cain, and all the rest flailing in tar pits is quite appealing, actually.

  • Best trim that Bush, early & often. This country has already had two Bushes too many. We'll be paying for Dubya's unnecessary wars for a very long time to come.