"Indiana Republicans up the ante: forcing women to have *two* vaginal ultrasounds."


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Republicans want to force this piece of equipment...

vaginal probe ultrasound

... into a woman's body. Again. Twice. Women will have to endure an unnecessary, unpleasant, uncomfortable, embarrassing, even painful procedure-- twice-- because some legislators insist that they know more about women's bodies than women do.

I'm speaking from experience, see, because I've undergone this lovely test. Twice. NOT fun. TMI? Too bad, we're all adults here and this is serious.

Of course, these same Republicans also insist that Big Government is bad and evil and tyrannical and bad for 'Murika. Their government, according to these hypocrites, should be small enough to fit into a woman's vagina.


Here's a little message from me to the Indiana GOP: Up your... ante.

small government my ass