A GOP stronghold shifts to the left as the west veers into Dems' column


out west

The AP is reporting about how states out west are morphing from GOP strongholds to those more inclined to vote Democratic. But it's not a lock. At least not yet, but things are looking up.

The reasons? More and more people are moving from liberal states to other areas as they try to improve their quality of life.

And of course there are those pesky immigrants who the GOP continually berate and wish would mass self-deport, all the while preventing their paths to citizenship by blocking proposals like the DREAM Act. They, too, are populating western states. Guess who they support and overwhelmingly voted for in the November elections?

And you know what happens when those on the right push their policies... and their luck:

(AP) - Ironically, Republicans' success may have contributed to that shift.

The party managed to enshrine staunch anti-tax measures in several states' constitutions through ballot initiatives, making it very difficult to raise taxes in California, Colorado and Washington state.

As a result, Democrats can't easily raise revenue, but they also can't be attacked for doing so, said Ron Dotzauer, a Seattle-based Democratic strategist. "They can't be defined as the pro-tax group because they can't tax," he said. [...]

[Ruy Teixeira, a Washington, D.C.-based Democratic strategist] said in an interview that what's happened to the West is not very different from what's taking place across the country. Surveys for his book last year found it only slightly more libertarian on social issues and holding similar views toward government and taxation as other parts of the country. That, he said, is bad news for Republicans — their problem is national, not regional.

Considering the election-rigging schemes that the GOP are undertaking, it's reassuring to see a shift to the left. And we didn't even have to resort to dirty tricks.