Poll-itics: Fla. Gov. Rick Scott would lose by 14 points to Charlie Crist


holding nose

In my previous post, it was amusing to learn that Florida Gov. Rick Scott basically said, "Hey, don’t blame me for that lousy election law, I only signed it!"

He's not too bright, is he?

This is the image-conscious guy who admitted he dumped his dog Reagan after winning the election.

He's not too principled, is he?

Now Public Policy Polling has a thing or two to say about a thing or two about how Florida feels about him:

Scott's approval rating is just 33%, with 57% of voters disapproving of him... these numbers represent a regression from early November when he was at a 37/48 spread. Scott meets with near universal disapproval from Democrats (21/71) and independents (32/64) and is even on pretty shaky ground with Republicans (49/38). [...]

[Charlie] Crist would start out as the favorite in a showdown with Scott. He leads 53-39, most notably taking a whooping 29% of the Republican vote. He still has some residual appeal to Republican voters. Crist isn't the only Democrat who could give Scott trouble for reelection though.

Sink (47/40), Iorio (43/39), and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (44/42) all lead Scott in hypothetical head to head match ups as well. [...]

We actually find him trailing in a head to head contest with Allen West, 38/37.

He's not to popular, is he?

Wait, Allen West? That Allen West? Noooooo!