Here's what GOP extremism looks like... and these are just headlines from the past 24 hours


gop extremists

It's truly mind-boggling that Republicans can't get past their own extremism, especially after being trounced in the November elections. But that would be rational, and the GOP simply can't go there, now can it? Why learn from mistakes when you can continue to make them over and over and over again?

Take a look at the following headlines and tell me how we can see even a glimmer of hope for a Congress (or state legislature) with members like these:

GOP Rep: ‘It’s About Time’ We Had Another Government Shut Down

Tea Party Senator: ‘I Don’t Think What Washington Needs Is More Compromise’

New Republican Senator Says Gun Safety Is ‘Unconstitutional’

Alabama Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Arming Teachers, Despite Opposition From School Officials

Conservatives Open New Congress With Unconstitutional Bill To End Birthright Citizenship

 Happy New Year.

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