VIDEO: John Boehner's 50-second response to Pres. Obama's 22 minute Q and A on fiscal crossroads negotiations


long and short of it

There you have it, all 50 seconds of it. Yes, ladies and gents, welcome to another in-depth press conference from the Speaker of the House. And by press conference I mean political theater. Of the absurd. In record time.

As I livetweeted when I watched the Speaker continue to push Plan BS, The Boehner made a hit and run statement that went by so fast I missed it. No presser, just a "Get Serious, President Obama" Moment of Meh.

Having trouble controlling your caucus, JB? Worried about your job? Perhaps you could match those concerns with some about the rest of us.

Roll Call's David Drucker tweeted this:

tweet Roll Call Boehner presser v Obama presser fiscal cliff

I guess we should be grateful that we were exposed to less than a minute of Boehner Babble.

What a Boehner smaller

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