"Demoralized" Republicans go to Obama School: “We weren’t even running in the same race."


BuzzFeed managed to get an off the record panel discussion on the record by talking to the attendees of a Harvard Institute of Politics Campaign Managers Conference, where they analyzed the winning and losing 2012 election campaigns.

Correction: Demoralized Republican attendees who went to Obama School (literally) to learn how to win an election.

The manager of one Republican presidential campaign actually said, "We got our butts kicked, so I’m going to school." See? Literally.

Team Obama's superbly super duper superior technology and political techniques were apparently obvious to everyone but Team Romney who, as you may recall, kept insisting and believing that they were winning.

One Romney aide tried to convince Obama digital director Teddy Goff to join forces with Zac Moffatt, who ran Romney's digital efforts. [...]

When it was the Obama team’s turn to discuss their strategy, the room was packed with Republicans. [...]

Republican operatives from Rick Perry’s data-driven strategist Dave Carney, to Mark Block, Herman Cain’s chain-smoking campaign manager, filled the room, many visibly taking notes.

Here's the money quote:

We weren’t even running in the same race,” one downtrodden Romney aide told BuzzFeed after hearing the details of the Obama operation. “They were just amazing.”

Why yes, yes they were, and ...

  • Sally

    Now that will take more than a two hour meeting. I was talking to a PhD college prof after church. He teaches Philosophy of Education, directs the Womens' Chorus, and has written two books. I, a lowly English major, wondered when the 'conservative party' got so anti-Christ, pro-war, and anti-people. We are Brethren, who value all people, accept all religions as valid, and are pacifists. WE  are the conservative ones, not the big spending, protect the wealthy at all costs, and throw away anyone not 'good enough' to meet the GOP standards (white, male and rich.) 

  • They need to study the Humanities; Literally, they need to learn to act human, especially toward other human beings...