Run, Jeb, run: "There are certainly other episodes that will make voters’ hair stand on end."


Joe Conason has a splendid piece over at The National Memo that has heightened my deep and eternal disdain for the Bush family. Hey GOP, you wanna run Jebby in 2016? By all means, please, do just that:

He “is said by friends to be weighing financial and family considerations — between so many years in office and the recession his wealth took a dip, they said, and he has been working hard to restore it…”

Aside from his need to “restore” his depleted wealth, Jeb’s business dealings may well prove an insurmountable obstacle to a national candidacy, just as Romney’s business career became excess baggage for his presidential campaign. Known today only as another Bush brother, Jeb must be introduced to American voters. And among the first things they are likely to learn about him is the string of borderline business deals that built his original fortune in Florida real estate, which began three decades ago.

While some aspects of the Jeb story may sound uplifting, there are certainly other episodes that will make voters’ hair stand on end.

So much for the "good" Bush brother.

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