97 GOP House members to Pres. Obama: We "strongly oppose any efforts to nominate Ambassador Susan Rice."


Entire letter here.

Ninety-seven House Republicans believe their own rabidly partisan, whacked-out conspiracy theories about Ambassador Susan Rice's ultra super duper evil plan to mislead America about the attack in Benghazi. They even felt they had to write President Obama a letter about their opposition to her possible nomination for Secretary of State.

To be specific, they're saying that Rice "either willfully or incompetently misled the American public in the Benghazi matter." Or as I like to call it, a witch hunt.

First Read notes that the letter was written by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-Delusional) who wanted it known that his merry group of conspiracy theorists is "deeply troubled" that Rice should be considered for a position for which she's clearly well-qualified. You can see who else signed on here.

Let's see... she's a valedictorian, Stanford Phi Beta Kappa,  Rhodes Scholar,  Oxford Ph.D., and the House GOP are, how you say, a bunch of nuts and dolts.

She also worked at Brookings Institution as a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy and Global Economy and Development program and served under the Clinton administration as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, plus she served on the staff of the National Security Council.

But according to 97 incompetents, she's incompetent.

They attack her credibility, which of course, is an example of their own lack of credibility. So once again, they're using the tried and true default GOP tactic of projection. It was the Bushies whose very own Rice twisted intelligence into knots, sold us a bill of mushroom cloud goods, and war-mongered her fool head off.

But that's okay with the Nutball Ninety-Seven. They can't bear another painful reminder of President Obama's second victory, so they don't want his Rice in, and they want Obama out.

And so the GOP obstruction continues.

Added, something I should have mentioned at the top:  The House has no say about presidential appointments. This is just one more example of their desire to oppose. It's wishful obstruction.

  • Fart in a barn!!!!!! I love it!!! I'm sitting here this morning prepring for a colonoscopy, drinking my GoLYTELY (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and I find a great belly laugh line. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Now, if only there was a way to feed the GoLYTELY to all of these clowns, maybe it would clean out the bovine scatalogical material from their tiny obstructionist brains.
    How is it possible to assemble such a large group of people whose job is to protect and defend the constitution (not Norquist) and exercise their responsibilities to the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES (NOT NORQUIST) but whose actions for the last four years have run counter to that responsibility?

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    This is just a toothless tantrum more suited to a toddler. It's additional proof that every house GOP has no interest in listening to the will of the people, or for that matter governing.
    I think they're afraid. Very afraid.
    Afraid that voters might have caught-on to the fact that they have been wrong about everything for the last 40 years and their policies are proven failures.
    Republicans are really looking desperate with all their grandstanding and none of it's for the good of the nation. 
    It's only for the cameras and the media noise machine as they flail about for relevence after having their asses handed to them.  

  • the GOP  obstructionist started before Day 1 of Obama's 1st. term. 
    The problem is that these GOP numbnuts are so into playing politics that they even turned down bills they themselves have sponsered! 
     They have put playing political games over the well being of the Nation and it's people.
    The governors who refuse federal aide with Obama-care are more interested in Playing Politics, that the people to have medical coverage! 
    This stopped any good actions from getting done for 4 years and will continue for at least the next too. 
    That is the main reason the people gave the House such a low rating.
    We need people who care about our lives! And they sat with their thumbs in their mouths passing close to  one hundred anti-abortion bills.
     I wish they had all been voted out and fired for  playing instead of working! 
    I'm offended and anyone with a brain should be and mainly are offended at the total waste of paying these lazy loafers to do nothing. They are the real high paid (by taxpayers) lazy bums!

  • cognachas4paws

    Aw, look at the little House members forgetting what role they play in nominations...of course, that would be none.

    Having said that, I hope Pres. Obama nominates Amb. Rice.  Not only is she qualified, but it would really stick it to the GOP.

    I know, juvenile.  Sometimes I can't help myself.

  • Linda1961

    Pathetic. As I expected, my Rep, Trey Gowdy signed the letter. Sigh.

  • It's just another reminder of their desire to obstruct.

  • I was about to say, they don't get a say in such nominations, so they can go fart in a barn for all it's worth. Is this what they do to keep from having to pass a jobs bill?

  • Linda1961

    Silly House gopers! They don't get to vote on presidential nominees, the Senate does.