Republican Las Vegas woman arrested after trying to vote twice


Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller said that the FBI has arrested a Republican Las Vegas woman, charging that she tried to vote twice in the presidential election.

Roxanne Rubin first voted at an early voting place in Henderson and then, that same day, she tried to vote again at a polling site in Las Vegas. She denied that she'd already voted.

Via CBS Las Vegas:

Rubin was arrested around 4 p.m. at the Riviera hotel-casino, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. She was charged with one felony count of voting more than once in the same election.

It's the Republicans that have tried to suppress the vote in several Republican-run states, and from the reports I've seen, it's Republicans who have been caught committing voter fraud.

Voter I.D. fraud is nearly non-existent, and, of course, the GOP-generated Voter I.D. laws affect mostly Democratic voters.

  • Rixar13

     Interesting.... rolling eyes

  • I don't know about other states, but I can tell you for a fact that here in Texas, Republicans who have already voted are standing in lines for the express purpose of making them longer, to discourage people from voting because of the wait time. I suspect the same thing is being done in every battle ground state. If they are doing it here, when we know that Texas will go for Romney, they will certainly do it in swing states.

    I have seen for myself people staying in line until they reach the door, then they just walk away.....and leave....probably to go stand in another line in another polling place.

  • Well I assume she was registered and had the correct ID.  I think this practice is wide spread here in Florida.  If a snow bird has two addresses one in the North East and a different one in Florida why couldn't they vote in both places.  I am sure the voter lists are not compared on a National basis.