Karl Rove: “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”


The GOP conspired on inauguration night to obstruct and destroy President Obama’s every attempt to reach across the aisle in order to create programs and laws that benefit Americans. More to the point, they were out to destroy the president himself.

This is how Repubicans operate. It's all about political homicide, killing bills, doing away with the Obama presidency, you name it. They're a cold, nasty, self-serving bunch. And the nastiest, self-servingest of all is Karl Rove.

Via Bloomberg's " Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser":

On the final morning of the Republican National Convention, Karl Rove took the stage at the Tampa Club to provide an exclusive breakfast briefing to about 70 of the Republican party’s highest-earning and most powerful donors. During the more than hour-long session, Rove explained to an audience dotted with hedge fund billionaires and investors—including John Paulson and Wilbur Ross—how his super PAC, American Crossroads, will persuade undecided voters in crucial swing states to vote against Barack Obama. He also detailed plans for Senate and House races, and joked, “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”

You remember Todd Akin, don't you? Paul Ryan's BFF and co-sponsor of a federal personhood bill? Mr. "Legitimate Rape"? Mr. "Magic Vagina That Kills Rape Sperm Only" Akin?

Apparently, Karl Rove is so "pro-life" that he feels comfortable joking about killing a guy who's throwing a wrench into his Sugar-Daddies-Will-Buy-Us-This-Election plans.

UPDATE: Akin camp says Rove apologized privately for the murder joke, but it's not enough.

  • David G

    Perhaps it's time that Karl be brought in for questioning about a conspiratorial plan to instigate bodily harm to a U.S. Reprehensible, er, I mean Representative.  Threats made must be investigated. DG