Infographic: Michele Bachmann is in trouble


Jim Graves  is running against Michele Bachmann, and he sent out this email. Please give him as much support as you can muster up:

Numbers don’t lie. That’s why Michele Bachmann doesn’t want you to see these ones.

There is her unusually poor performance in last week’s GOP primary or her sinking approval rating, both of which show that even her own party is running away from her radical politics.

Our new infographic highlights the numbers that are keeping Rep. Bachmann up at night – the numbers that show her antics have finally come back to haunt her.

The truth is, we can win this race and you can bring us one step closer to that by spreading the word that Rep. Bachmann is vulnerable.

Click here to share our new infographic laying out the numbers Rep. Bachmann doesn’t want you to see.

It’s no wonder reporters across the country this week were all asking the same question: could Bachmann lose?

The answer is yes. We’ve never had a better chance to defeat Rep. Bachmann. Polls show we’re just 5 points away from catching her.

But we need to get the word out right away.

Share our new infographic with your friends and family if you think it’s time to send Rep. Bachmann packing.

With your support, we’ll defeat Rep. Bachmann and put an end to the extremism that has made her famous at the expense of our country.

Thanks for all that you do,

P.S. Rep. Bachmann’s hateful politics have hurt her in the polls but she’s still well-funded and willing to do whatever it takes to hang on to power. Click here to contribute $5 today to help us spread the truth and defeat Rep. Bachmann this fall.