Koch front group Americans for Prosperity could be forced to reveal its donors


Americans for Prosperity... why does that name sound familiar? Oh wait! I know! They're a Koch brothers front group! And the Koch heads are pouring unprecedented kajillions from undisclosed donors into elections in an attempt to unseat Democrats in 2012.

But The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that AFP may actually have to reveal its donors now that it decided to inject itself into a Nevada Senate primary, specifically by funding mailers attacking a Senate candidate.

The Nevada Democratic Party has asked the Secretary of State of Nevada to investigate whether or not AFP is required to report donations used to pay for the mailers that went after Kevin Atkinson:

Under federal law, political nonprofits such as AFP can escape disclosure requirements by not including words such as “vote for” or “defeat” in political messaging.

Under state law, it doesn’t matter whether those words are used or not.

If there can be “no other reasonable interpretation” than that the ad seeks the election or defeat of a candidate, then the producer must disclose the funding source for the ad.

The mailers "urged voters to call Atkinson's office and tell him what they thought of his record" and Secretary of State Miller sees that as clearly trying to influence an election.

See what happens when "you leave it to the states," GOP? They have laws, too, and they try to enforce them, just as the federal government does. If you break laws, state or federal, there are consequences.

Republicans are always going on and on about states deciding this or that, so they shouldn't object if Nevada's own Secretary of State jumps in to make sure that what Americans for Prosperity did was legal. Right?