Chart: Republicans do not care about the health and well-being of Americans


CNN: Republicans out-raise Democrats among gubernatorial committees.  Guess which states want to end legal abortions and demand trans-vaginal probes? Answer: Those with GOP governors and legislatures.

Now guess which states may turn down $258 billion in "Obamacare" funds, leaving 9.2 million Americans uninsured? Hint: Most of them have GOP governors.

Not a single Republican governor has pledged to accept the new Medicaid funds and three Democrats are also considering turning down the money.

Republicans are way more interested in defeating President Obama and obstructing bills that would benefit Americans than they are in the health and well-being of the country. The only beneficiaries they're interested in are themselves and their corporate donors.

  • The only choice we have with the GOP of today is to vote them OUT. Nobody paying the least attention to the FACTS of life in this world should vote GOP, until they get rid of the Cantors, Boehners, Wests, McDonnells, etc...

  • David G

    Wait and watch.  When the checks are ready  to be cut, not ONE of those governors will turn down the money.  What they'll do with it, no one knows, but they'll all accept the checks.  You'll see.  DG