The 12 Talking Points That Republicans Are Using To Guarantee President Obama's Re-election

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I have a sneaking feeling our readers will come up with more.

Even if the president has disappointed you in some ways, think about the alternative... and the Supreme Court... and those 12 talking points. 

Think about the GOP voter suppression laws and the millions upon millions their large donors will continue to give to their super PACs (as of today, President Obama is relying mostly on small donors, the big super PAC bucks are not there yet).

Think about what would happen to women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, voting rights, health care, Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

For those reasons and more, we cannot let Republicans win control of Congress or the White House.

  • "We oppose Government Bureaucrats deciding your health care...unless it's OUR government bureaucrats."

  • 14.  We can drill our way to $2.50/gal gas.

  • busbus

    You got that right!

    The states that voted in GOP/TP governors and GOP/TP majority legislators during the 2010 midterm elections have and are giving ALL AMERICANS a picture of where the Republicans want to take this country.  They are being supported by the Republican majority House of Representatives, the GOP/TP U.S. senators and the GOP/TP majority U.S. Supreme Court justices and are being bankrolled by the 1%...corporations and the Koch Brothers' regime.  These legislators and justices are following the ALEC agenda and the Koch Brothers' regime script.

    This Dorian-Gray picture is UGLY and DANGEROUS for all Americans in the 99%.

  • Bobbi USMC

    13. Women need permission from their employer to have sex.