VIDEO: Hypocritical GOP freshmen hobnob at fancy resort with wealthy donors


CBS just busted a group of freshmen Republicans for Blatant Hypocrisy. capital B, capital H (more like capital B.S.). These guys were French kissing special interests at a fancy schmancy resort the way the GOP French kisses Rush (sorry for that visual), and those special interests were happy to pay lotsa money for special access.

But oops, back in 2010, many freshmen sworetogod they would change the way things were done in Washington. And by change things, they clearly meant clinking wine glasses (for a mere $10,000+ donation) with wealthy supporters in Florida at an "exclusive seaside resort and home to 54 holes of championship golf and a private marina full of luxury yachts."

The hosts? Why, none other than veteran congressmen Spencer Bachus, Pete Sessions, and of course, a dozen GOP freshmen who were showing everyone how they were changing the way things are done. One of them had even paid for a campaign ad claiming, "I will always put Colorado families before the Washington special interests."

Apparently, he confused families with special interests.

Here are my favorite lines from the video:

Asked what the donors are getting out of the weekend, Lindsay replied, "They're getting a Republican House next year."

Nine of the Key Largo congressmen are on the committee that regulates banks. Nobody would give us the donor guest list, but we do know it includes at least one bank lobbyist.

Be proud, teabaggers, this is who convinced you they would do things your way.