What the Republican party forgot


We already know what the GOP lost: Their minds.

Now we also know what they forgot, thanks to Craig Crawford:

You almost have to wonder whether the Republican Party has forgotten women have the right to vote.

Watch 'em roar come election day. That should jog their memories.

  • dandy

    Watch and see the morons response to what they've done: whoever the nominee is will  (1) nominate a Palin-like woman as his running-mate, and (2) find as many women as possible to "Chair" support groups around the country, all in an effort to try to entice the rest of the female population to "forget" this episode.  Let's remember, always, who, what, and how they THINK women think!  I'm disgusted with the responses from the so-called "leadership" of the Thug Party, as are my wife and both of my college-educated daughters.

  • KansasDem

    I still wonder, having come to "age" during that time in space, how the FUCK is it possible that we have the political mix we have now?


  • Walt

    I have used the phrase, "opening Pandora's Box" a number of times in my comments when describing what Reagan unleashed when he started his revolution.  Of course I was talking about the evolution that would take place with the rebirth of the power and money driven right wing oligarchs, like the Koch brothers, taking over our political system that would leave our country, our world in the state it is today.

    Well, the other night my wife said what these republicons have done with there attacks on women and their rights as  humans has opened "Pandora's Box" that has unleashed the fury of women scorned.  How dareth these pricks disrespect the legacy that women have fought for so many years to be treated as equals.  What were these dumb shits thinking?  And then King prick, Limbaugh opens his asshole and speaks further igniting this fury.  And I say, hallelujah.   Let the enlightenment begin.   Let's clean the mfkers out in November.