VIDEO- Ron Paul: “If it’s an honest rape," go to the emergency room, get "a shot of estrogen.”


Via Raw Story.

I have a few questions for Ron Paul:

WTF is an "honest rape"? There are dishonest ones? Some rapes are more "honest" than others?

So if the trauma is too much for a woman to deal with, a woman who has been raped, and she finally brings herself to, is able to, make a decision about getting an abortion, you'd give the rapist the benefit of the doubt, rather than believing the victim?

And are you saying that a what you might consider to be a promiscuous woman would lie and say she was raped so that she could justify getting an abortion?

Are you suggesting that women are that casual about life-changing decisions like this?

"The people who LIKE abortion"?

"It's a tough one"?

Abortion is about a doctor's "handsome fee"?

Really, Ron Paul?

And where do you get off telling any woman what she can or can't do, what she should or shouldn't do, with her own body, her own life?

Is this what you call "small government"? Because, call me crazy, but your government intrusion into women's reproductive rights isn't exactly hands-off.

He's all yours, GOP. Welcome to him and his "movement", because I, for one, want nothing to do with this radical loon, ever.

"Young voters" take note. Please.

H/t: Shannyn Moore