Gasp! Rick Santorum's hard-core, anti-choice wife dated, lived with an abortion provider


The GOP hypocrisy never stops, does it? Some of it is downright funny, some of it is utterly disgusting, and some of it is so blatant and jaw-dropping that it deserves to go viral.

Like, f'rinstance, when a presidential candidate holds himself and his family out to be the most "pro-life" family that ever existed in the history of ever, when he uses his god as a vehicle to get himself into the White House, when his holier-than-thou-itude seeps into every speech at every campaign stop, and then, after all that, we find out that his own wife was just dandy with full-on women's reproductive rights... including abortion.

In fact, she moved in with her boyfriend, Abortion Provider Tom. Yes, when that happens, it's a story that needs to be told.

Introducing Mrs. Ricky Santorum before she was Mrs. Ricky Santorum, via The Daily Beast:

Karen Santorum, the ultra-pro-life wife and mother of seven home-schooled children, has been the perfect complement to her husband, Rick, as he chases the Republican presidential nomination. On the campaign trail, the candidate often refers to her book, Letters to Gabriel, the story of the devoutly Catholic couple’s traumatic late-term 1997 miscarriage (the 20-week-old fetus lived two hours outside the womb). The couple opposes birth control as well as abortion, even in cases of rape.

But Mrs. Santorum, 51, apparently wasn’t always committed to the cause. In fact, her live-in partner through most of her 20s was Tom Allen, a Pittsburgh obstetrician and abortion provider 40 years older than she, who remains an outspoken crusader for reproductive rights and liberal ideals. Dr. Allen has known Mrs. Santorum, born Karen Garver, her entire life: he delivered her in 1960.

She was 22, he was 63. Abortion Provider Tom, who is now 92, has been an active member of the dreaded ACLU. In short, he's a dirty hippie Marxist socialist commie fascist socialist tree-hugging French Kenyan abortion-supporting, birth control-dispensing liberal.

Interesting fun fact: Allen also paid to have now-Mrs. Santorum's teeth straightened.

Karen had no problems with what I did for a living,” says Allen, who helped start one of the first hospital-sanctioned abortion clinics in Pennsylvania.

Ruh-roh! What would Ricky say? Well, nobody knows, because Team Self-Righteous refuses to comment.

Please read the whole story here.

Added: And, forgetting the whole abortion thing, where is he on the fact that his now-wife lived with a man without marrying him? Isn't that something he is adamantly against, too?

H/t: @shondi99

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