Two more reasons to vote for President Obama



Yes, I'm cheerleading for the president, even though I'm still not happy with a few things he's signed into law. But it's an election year, I'm voting for President Obama because the alternative is unthinkable, he's done some very good things, and I'll be damned if I won't do everything I can to point out what's wrong with the GOP, like the two quotes below.

Newton Leroy Gingrich:

“I think an intelligent conservative wants the right federal employees delivering the right services in a highly efficient way and then wants to get rid of those folks who are in fact wasteful, or those folks who are ideologically so far to the left, or those people who want to frankly dictate to the rest of us."

Ummm. Back story here.

Ricky Santorum:

Santorum starts his answer by noting that she and her husband “have moved to a beautiful part of the country.”

My wife and I love vacationing here,” he continues, before going on to outline his desire to ramp up the American manufacturing industry.

Here's the back story.

If President Obama said either of these things, he'd be ripped to shreds by the GOP and in the press... which are often synonymous.

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