Michele Bachmann: Hey Newt, I haven't endorsed you, so pull the ad!


Michele Bachmann and her lawyer are not amused. A Newton Leroy Gingrich superPAC has a radio ad running in South Carolina that gives the impression that Michele is endorsing Newt. Trouble is, her oozy praise was recorded during the last election cycle at a fundraiser he headlined for her congressional re-election campaign.

According to her lawyers, she didn’t even write the rather preposterous words that she gushed, which were as follows:

“He made an indelible mark that literally changed the course of the United States. Newt Gingrich, thank you!”

Then the ad goes on to say, “Michele Bachmann was right: Newt helped change history once. He can do it again. Go with Newt, the man who can beat Obama.”

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Aside from inserts from a narrator, Mr. Tyler [who helps run the pro-Gingrich group Winning Our Future] said, “we didn’t alter the audio in any way.

The fact that she said those exact words apparently justifies their use... or does it? Then there's the argument over the context. Team Bachmann doesn't want to mislead voters into believing that she's exclusively devoted to Team Newton, but then, who would?

Newt and Co. don't seem to have the best judgment.

Then again, what would you expect from someone who goes out in public looking like this?

Photo via Andrew Kaczynski

Photo of Newton in a golf cart via.

And that concludes yet another episode of "Republicans Eating Their Own."