Poll-itics: Slightly More Want Obama to Set Course Than GOP


Apparently, Americans like commie Marxist fascist socialist French gay Kenyan tree huggers more than corporate vultures:

PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans say they want Barack Obama (46%) rather than the Republicans in Congress (42%) to have more influence over the direction the nation takes in the next year. U.S. preferences have been closely divided on this question since early 2011, after Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives, but Obama has consistently had a slim advantage, suggesting a real lead for him. Prior to 2011, Americans favored congressional Republicans. [...]

Democrats want Obama to have more influence and Republicans want the Republicans in Congress to have more influence. Independents are more likely to prefer Obama.

  • The current Congress was sworn in in January 2011, so it looks like buyer's remorse set in once people began to realize what they were in for...

  • OOPS -- took a second look . . . the changeover of preferring President Obama took place AFTER December 2010 {these nearly 48-year-old eyes of mine don't always work like they should.}

    My point stands, though:  after a year of seeing the teabagger/GOP congress alternate between doing nothing and saying no to EVERYTHING President Obama proposes, Americans got wise . . . if only they had done so before going to the voting booth the previous November . . .

  • ROFL  -- not only that, but look at when it changed:  according to the above graph, it was January 2010, RIGHT AFTER THE GOP-LED CONGRESS WAS SWORN IN!

    Apparently, it only took a day or so of the repubs in congress doing nothing for the country to decide they didn't want them setting the agenda . . .