Note to GOP: This is how budget cuts can cost, not save, us money.


I love Steve Benen. Read this, then hop over to his site, read the rest, and you'll see why:

If we cut spending on volcano monitoring and tsunami warnings, we save a little money on maintenance, but pay a lot of money on damage repairs after disaster strikes. If we cut spending on food safety, we save a little money on inspection, but pay a lot of money on health care costs when consumers get sick. If we cut spending for the Securities and Exchange Commission, we save a little money on enforcement, but pay a lot of money to clean up financial catastrophes.

He's clear as a bell, logical, and gives great blog.

  • These arguments are so fun (not).

    In 1980 when Mt. St. Helens blew and wreaked havoc on the northwest, everyone screamed and hollered that we needed to do something to save us from another disaster like this one.

    I live in the shadow of that beautiful, gorgeous, disastrous mountain. Unless you live here, you shouldn't have a say in the matter. Same with coastal regions. These areas are economic drivers and .....ohforchristssake...nevermind.

    When they pull their heads out, the blast will probably kill us all anyway.