Ron Paul's (no longer) deleted tweet to Jon Huntsman


Thank you to @spedwybabs and @SandiBehrns for this grab of a tweet that is now deleted:

Added: To those who still think Jon Huntsman is a moderate, don’t “confuse a moderate attitude with a moderate record.”

Added: Looks like Ron Paul tweeted it all over again. He must have realized it was getting a lot of attention, huh? (H/t: @raisingonebrow)

Added: Thank you to @rollingingraves for pointing me to the Huntsman campaign's response:

  • Anonymous

    maybe they're both playing you all #epic #troll huntsman and paul have similar ideas - huntsman was Obama's ambassador to China

  • ron paul is racist

    Loser vs. Loser

  • Anonymous

    NBC, CNN, Fox and ABC have projected a winner tonight:  Barack Obama

  • Wow Aaron, really?

  • Yet Paul is beating Huntsman in the latest polling for New Hampshire. Hmmmm...

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a three-way tie in the horse race. Plenty of time for Ron Paul to eat a little crow.