Tacit GOP admission that voter fraud is virtually non-existent


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Look at that. Republicans have been so vocal about how rampant voter fraud is, are so worried that they insisted that voters show photo I.D.s at the polls or they can't vote (even if they have for decades), are so concerned that they made voter registrations nearly impossible, and yet...

Despite nationwide efforts to make voting more difficult, the Republican Party of Iowa decided to buck the trend and allow for on-site registration. In doing so, however, they necessarily undercut the argument being made by GOPers in many other states that election day registration (EDR) invites fraud. (Of course, voters are 39 times more likely to be struck by lightning than commit fraud at the polls, and EDR actually helps prevent already-miniscule levels of fraud.) [...]

Brad Friedman also points out that the Republican caucuses will not require voters to present a photo ID in order to cast their ballot, a requirement GOPers around the country pushed vigorously in 2011.

So this is a tacit admission that voter fraud is virtually non-existent... unless you're a Democrat. Then it's out of control!

Thank you, Think Progress and Brad Friedman, for exposing-- once again-- the blatant hypocrisy of the GOP.

The Republican Party: Hypocridiots-O'-The-Day.

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  • Great story....I absolutely enjoyed reading and hope you keep updating it frequently!

  • James O'Keefe. ; )

  • Larz Neilson

    The voter fraud issue has been a fraud ever since the hanging chad debacle in Florida in 2001, when the U.S. Supreme Court caved in and blocked a recount, giving the White House to the GOP. The GOP then began shoehorning voter role purges, de-listing anyone who they deemed questionable, with no evidence. Thousands of names were removed from the rolls. Then they moved to voting machines, with wholesale fraud in the 04 election, committed by companies running the machines and loyal to the GOP. The GOP jumped on ACORN for some alleged errors in voter registration in 08, when it was in fact ACORN that caught the errors, and nobody ever cast a single fraudulent vote as a result. But the GOP cast ACORN as the villan, thanks to the James O'Neil video of the pimp in the fur coat. It's nothing but a GOP effort to disenfranchise thousands of people with no evidence of fraud whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    well, in defense of the iowa republicans, the caucus goers tomorrow night will be 99.9% caucasian caucusers, so obviously they couldn't be committing voter fraud.