"I believe there is a major chance of a third party winning..." Americans Elect is trying to make that happen.


Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch said this, in part, about his wish for Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) to run for president in 2012: "I believe there is a major chance of a third party winning..."

Now with that in mind, remember my previous posts about a group called Americans Elect? They are an organization that can accept secret donations and pull votes from other candidates.

Via the L.A. Times back in July:

… nearly 1.6 million signatures collected by Americans Elect, a group attempting to ride exasperation with the nation’s political leaders into a place on the ballot in all 50 states by 2012.

Its mission is to upend the traditional party primary process by selecting an alternate presidential ticket through an online, open nominating convention.

[...]. Although it is attempting to qualify as a new party in California and other states, the group’s legal designation is that of a nonpolitical, tax-exempt social welfare organization.

Under that designation, Americans Elect has been able to keep private its financiers, raising questions about what forces are driving the massive undertaking. 

I went on to say that they’re going to have an online convention open to any registered voters who sign up, and their presidential candidates are required to pick a running mate from a different political party. And check out who's on their board.

They have now raised $22 million and will likely get their own wish of "placing a third presidential candidate on the ballot in every state next year," per the Washington Post.

I'm guessing former Mayor Koch had that in mind.

See what money can buy? Thank you, Citizens United!

  • KansasDem

    Bravo! Well said ;^)

  • Anonymous

    If they are well-intentioned,then why are they HIDING their donor list?

    this is but another scheme to attempt to defeat the President

    sometimes, snakes are just snakes

  • This is so misguided. Americans Elect should focus their efforts at getting better Democrats by working the primaries. The numbers are better for you, the math is better. If you can't win a low-turnout primary, how do you hope to ever win an election?

    When progressives leave the Democratic Party, candidates try to replace those votes with voters in the middle. That has been pulling the party further right each cycle. Working the primaries, however, leaves candidates chasing a big block of progressive votes and that pulls them to the left.

    The Tea Party worked the primaries and in one cycle elected numerous odious Representatives to Congress. The Green Party has worked the third party strategy, which means they have never put anyone in Congress and regularly get about 5% of the vote (which the Democrats must then replace). In the 2010 cycle, the only Green who made it into double digits was Alvin Green, a functional moron who received 28% of the SC Senate vote simply because he ran as a Democrat.

  • Anonymous

    More likely to be a third world war before a REAL third party candidate (serious) choice.

  • KansasDem

    I honestly can't think of a third party candidate that would conceivably take many votes away from Obama. Certainly not Bloomberg after voicing his opinion of OWS recently.

    I just can't imagine a turd party harming anyone but the other real turds; aka Republicans.