Video- Michele Bachmann Pours Water for the Rest of the Male Candidates at Family Forum Debate


I don't really see Hillary Clinton doing something like this.

  • Mplioness

    I guess we know that there were no gentlemen sitting at that table. Bachmann is a disgrace. As she even said, "I'm used to doing this." I wonder if she cleaned up the table at the end of the event to show them all what a "good" woman she is. Bleh...

  • It'll play well with the women who would be voting for her, anyway, and it'll drive the feminists crazy.  Sometimes I think she's a shade shy of clueless and sometimes I think she's brilliantly aware of what needs to be done for her followers.  Can't decide which this is, but as others have said, it looked like a thoughtful gesture and it can't hurt.

  • OK, she scores one point with me.  That's what kind, caring, real people do.  One point doesn't do much for all the other negatives though.  (I was going to p0st at top but see another agrees so I'll tag on).

  • Motherunit420

    If she is struggling to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, this is just one more reason why. I'm surprised they didn't ask her to make coffee and take notes. 

  • Anonymous

    Female subjugation is often mistaken for courtesy.  She did what is expected of her by men.

    Beneath all the political rhetoric and posturing, RW women are entirely
    servile to men, subjugated to them, simply puppets for RW male power.

  • David G.

    I'm not a Michelle Bachmann fan, but I think her gesture was genuine.   What I do think is crazy is that the water wasn't already poured for these candidates.  What kind of poor preparation is that?  DG

  • Just like a good Christian woman is supposed to, right Michele. Sickening.