Professors offer $10,000 + for proof that Michele Bachmann’s story about HPV is true


Earlier, I posted a video of Lizz Winstead having some fun at Michele Bachmann's expense on the subject of her outlandish statement about a woman who claimed that her daughter suffered "mental retardation" after getting the vaccine for HPV. (Bachmann later said she had "no idea" if it were true.)

But kidding aside, lies are not funny and can be downright harmful, especially when unsuspecting (read: uninformed, misinformed) voters take Bachmann's lies seriously and possibly put their own kids' health at risk.

Did Michele refuse to get her 23 foster kids and 5 biological children inoculated against polio, tetanus, mumps, etc? Has she herself been inoculated? And while we're at it, can we get inoculated against her lies?

But I digress:

Two bioethics professors have offered to pay more than $10,000 for medical records that prove the anecdote Bachmann told after Monday night's Republican presidential debate is true, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. [...]

"'These types of messages in this climate have the capacity to do enormous public health harm,'" [Steven Miles, a U of M bioethics professor] said of why he made the offer. 'The woman, assuming she exists, put this claim into the public domain and it's an extremely serious claim and it deserves to be analyzed.'"

Praying disease away doesn't work, Ms. Bachmann. And spreading lies or rumors about the effects of a vaccination about which you know nothing is dangerous and stupid.

  • michael stevens

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  • Lagnadeb

    just think..she is prez and she tells a tale like this one representing the USA.... IMO -she should resign from the campaign for this eggreious statement. I mean Weiner just showed himself in underwear AND HE HAD TO STEP DOWN FROM OFFICE.

  • Motherunit420

    Even giving Michele the benefit of the doubt, that this woman actually exists and told her this story, she still looks like an idiot for telling the story on national television with no verification whatsoever. She presented this suspect story as if it were proof that the vaccine is dangerous. I think Bachmann is the dangerous one, blithering stories like this without any kind of fact checking, to her imbecile fans, who hang on her every word.

  • Dangerous and Stupid, yup sounds like she's in the right caucus then