VIDEO ADDED: New Hampshire protesters speak out: “Stop attacking middle class families, Rick Perry.”


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Video added, h/t: Think Progress.

I'm still waiting to see who else enters the GOP stable of '12 players. Paul Ryan? Ann Coulter? Kidding! I'm kidding about Coulter! Or am I... ?

No, I am, but not about Paul Ryan.

However, we do know that extremist, minimum-wage-job-creator, Armani-suit-wearing good ol' boy "folksy" fraud, G.W. Bush-on-steroids, religious fanatic, hypocridiot Rick Perry has stepped in... and stepped in it, according to

He was in New Hampshire, undoubtedly posing with one leg up on something or other, when some protesters confronted him:

Protesters carrying signs shouted loudly from the sidewalk, “Stop attacking middle class families, Rick Perry,” as the smiling new presidential candidate shook hands and signed autographs. [...]

Ask him why he doesn’t believe in science,” the mother [of a little boy] prompted. [...]

“I’m not a fan of cap and trade,” Perry said, adding that he advocates “letting the private sector make those decisions.”

“I said, ‘We left Wall Street to the private sector, and look what happened,’ ” Fuller Clark said later. She said she was disappointed by what she called Perry’s “contradictions.”

A few also expressed annoyance at Perry for not answering their questions. Please go read the rest here.

Feeling cocky because Perry is such a phony dim bulb, Dems? Well don't. Reagan and Bush were fraudulent, "dumb cowboys" too, and they ended up in the White House.

  • ExTex

    Kudos for the last sentence.  That should end every post about Perry.

  • Unfortunately there is a large section of this country who have contempt for anyone who is intelligent or who might be smarter then them. If they don't understand how it works or what the consequences might be they would rather let it happen and then complain about it later than be proactive and do something to fix it. And since republicans always tell them how smart they are for not bothering to try to keep them accountable and make them do their jobs they always get a bump when the other side is unmotivated

  • Heyredhed

    I bet if Perry was asked to define or explain cap and trade he would bumble and stumble around looking for words that might sound like he knew anything.............. but would fail miserably and reveal his ignorance.  He can only utter sound bites from the GOP playbook.