Once again, Michele Bachmann lists income from farm from which she "never received income".


The L.A. Times was chock full o' good reading today, from Rick Perry playing footsie with his rich corporate donors to this piece about everyone's favorite corn dog lover, Michele Bachmann:

Despite repeatedly asserting that she has never received income from a family farm that drew federal subsidies in the past, Rep. Michele Bachmann again listed the farm as a source of income when she filed her 2010 personal financial disclosures late last week.

Bachmann also reported that the farm had more than doubled in value since 2009.

Know what else? That very farm got about $260,000 in federal subsidies between 1995 and 2008. But remember, Big Guvmint is bad bad bad, and she would never accept money from such an evil entity.

But back to that source of income from which she receives no income, Candidate Bachmann swearstothegodwhotellsherstuff that she has "never gotten a penny of money from the farm." Not a penny! Honest!

Of course not, dear.

Bachmann's financial disclosures paint a different picture: Since 2006, she has reported receiving between $37,504 and $120,000 in income from the farm, including between $5,001 and $15,000 that she recently disclosed for the 2010 calendar year.

She's right, you know. she never got a penny. She got thousands of dollars.