"Nearly half of... mega-donors received hefty business contracts, tax breaks or appointments under Perry"


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That Rick Perry, there he goes acting all typically corporate GOP again, just when he thought he had everyone bamboozled.

Meet Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons. He's forked out $1.12 million for GW Perry over the past few years. But hey, it was well worth it. He and donors like him "have found the rewards to be mutual, reaping benefits from Texas during Perry's tenure" according to an L.A. Times report:

Perry has received a total of $37 million over the last decade from just 150 individuals and couples, who are likely to form the backbone of his new effort to win the Republican presidential nomination.  [...]

Nearly half of those mega-donors received hefty business contracts, tax breaks or appointments under Perry, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis. [...] The Times found dozens of examples in which major donors to Perry have benefited during his tenure.

It's amazing what a little money can buy these days: Houses, corporate jets, elections...

Cal Jillson, a professor of political science at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, said donors had benefited more under Perry's administration than they did under recent governors such as Democrat Ann Richards and Republican George W. Bush, Perry's predecessor.

Good ol' folksy, down home Perry has jammed state agencies with his pro-business buddies, according Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin.

Simmons, the one who I mentioned at the top of the post, is the second largest individual contributor to Perry. He's about to do very well, because his firm is building a nice new "low-level radioactive waste disposal site". Of course, that wouldn't be possible without Perry's backing. And coincidentally (not), early on, GWP signed a controversial law that allowed private companies to build facilities like that in Texas.

Simmons said, "We first had to change the law to where a private company can own a license, and we did that. Then we got another law passed that said they can only issue one license. Of course, we were the only ones that applied."

Of course.

And guess who donated millions to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth back in '04?   If you guessed Simmons, you'd be right. You remember that group, don't you? They ran nasty, factually incorrect attack ads against then-presidential nominee John Kerry.

Shortly after Perry signed the legislation, Simmons donated $100,000 to Americans for Rick Perry, an independent group backing Perry's presidential bid.

There you have it, your aw-shucks, god-fearin', plain-talkin', "Christian" candidate, James Richard Perry.

He may claim that his god talks to him, but clearly, money talks even louder.