PhotOh! The non-sexist Rick Perry corn dog challenge to Michele and Marcus Bachmann


Because we here at TPC are not sexist:

Via where there are more.

Our Bachmann family photo fest (yes, both Bachmanns) can be found here. As Paddy pointed out so beautifully, this is about stupidism and bad PRism:

They weren’t anti-woman pics, they are ANTI-STUPID pics. Bachmann should be firing her P.R. people as we speak for not having the sense to stop her from doing that. Remember John Kerry and the swiss cheese on his Philly steak and cheese?

  • You can't keep a good man from going down. 

  • dandy

    Oh, I wish I was an Osker Meyer corndog......................

  • Rick Perry deep-throats corn dogs like a baws!

  • While I suppose it's refreshing to see Helmethair with something in his mouth other than his foot, I still can't get over these homophobic wingnuts' constant need to be photographed with large objects in their orifices . . .