Photos of the Day (maybe week)- Marcus Bachmann shows Michele how it's done


As Michele fails with her weiner approach Marcus steps in and shows her the professional's technique. Huge h/t to @TLW3 (Tom Wellborn) and via. I'm still laughing.

He's got his eyes closed, but you know he loves it.

  • Hey Anderson Cooper:You should be on your rediculist,You should Quit throwing hissy fits every time you thing is wrong.There's nothin g wrong with these photos of Michele And Marcus Bachmann.Anderson close your eyes imagine the Bachmanns as the first family.Scary!

  • Vitriolic X

    He was just pretending not to like it.  It's kinkier that way.

    She ate it like a snake eats a guinea pig. Whole, without chewing. Then she coughed up the little wooden stick a day later.The rumor that the corn dog is actually 32" long, and she was pulling it out in this photo has been debunked.

  • Entirely in keeping with their political views - They talk shit so might as well eat a turd.

  • Anonymous

    Dear God,I know You haven't heard from this poor sinner in awhile-okay-a very LONG while,but if You would see to it that Michele Bachmann is the GOP presidential candidate for 2012,I will be forever grateful and will try to remember that Your Son's middle name is NOT Fucking.Thank you.Amen...oh,and Bless the United States Of America...

  • I'll bet Marcus got some pointers from Larry Craig . . .

  • Anonymous

    I like that he's sticking his pinky out!  So prim and proper!

  • Eat a Corndog, not Gay.  Lick the stick when you're done? GAY!

  • When you remember that for these two, sex is all about procreation and not so much about pleasure, it makes more sense that you'd see the teeth...

  • @Gr8RDH

    Love his sqinching eyes..perhaps he has the eyes in the back of his head wide open.

  • You'd think they're both fella travelers.  Hey, nice Porndogs! ;D

  • awesome

  • that look good lol

  • JayDog

    Michelle looks like she's done this before as evidenced by her left fingers in the " I'm going to remove any unwanted pubic hair " position ! EPIC !

  • JayDog

    Michelle looks like she's done this before as evidenced by her left fingers in the " I'm going to remove any unwanted pubic hair " position ! EPIC !

  • Anonymous

    Priceless pictures - they should be on the front of the family Christmas card!!!  Looks so natural, one wants to cry.

  • PinkScorpio

    Girl ain't shy. She likes the foot long. Michele too, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Go on and git ya some, girl!

    Look at Marcus. She's acting like a lady for the cameras. You know she can deep throat.

  • She looks hesitant, but can obviously take a mouthful. He looks like he's really enjoying himself though.

  • Anonymous

    love the dainty left hand.

  • Anonymous

    I think if I saw those teeth coming at me, I'd pray away that gay too!  🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    both of them seem to use way too much teeth!

  • LOL ... Can't make it up:D

  • Talk about stumbling out of the fucking closet!

  • Anonymous

    ahhhhhh ... can't go there.

  • Oh....I don't think I'll go there..........;-)

  • Sally


  • OMG!!!! Photos do speak louder than words!

  • Kevin Hamel

    Any time you can see teeth it's a FAIL. Hilarious!