Video- Second CIty: Marcus And Michele Bachmann Explain Marriage


Via C&L.

  • Anonymous

    It occurs to me that maybe one of the reasons that Michelle adopted so many children would be because Marcus and Michelle have never had sex, the reason being this is a marriage of convenience because they're both gay and trying to stay in the closet ... #Food4Thought

  • David G.

    Terrific... Curing Homosexuality with prayer...?  C'mon.   We all know it takes a baseball glove, some really exotic jewelry and a string jazz quartet. 

  • Mrspant2000

    Oh okay so I'm not the only one whose "gay"dar when off when I saw Michelle Bachmann's husband. Wonder when he'll come out the closet or maybe we will hear of him playing footsy in a bathroom stall somewhere lol!

  • NAILED it! #MCRoveWhipsNLeather Moment of  Zen!