Republican Judge Strikes Down Ban On Corporate Contributions Directly To Candidates


Welcome to the United Corporations of America. Via Think Progress:

Reagan-appointed federal Judge James Cacheris just ruled that corporations have a constitutional right to contribute money directly to political candidates [...]

Today’s decision extends beyond the egregious Citizen United decision because Citizens United only permits corporations to run their own ads supporting a candidate or otherwise act independently of a candidate’s campaign. Cacheris’ opinion would also allow the Chamber of Commerce and Koch Industries, for instance, to contribute directly to political campaigns.

Think Progress explains in more detail why this first-of-its-kind is even worse than the Citizens United decision.

The more rulings like these go into effect, the less elected officials actually represent the people who are convinced to vote for them, and the fewer freedoms we the people would have in our own lives. Elections would become virtually meaningless. The office holders would, and already often do, represent money, power, and profits, but not voters.

Rove/Koch brothers/U.S. Chamber of Commerce-sponsored corporate ads plaster the airwaves as it is, but it would only get worse; uninformed voters would be exposed to and fall prey to even more propaganda, because it would be nearly impossible to compete. Grassroots efforts would be trampled by corporate giants.

The increasing number of bought-and-paid for Congress members, city council members, legislators and presidents would be doing the bidding of their corporate owners, and the result could be more financial martial law, more Scott Walkers, more Rick Snyders, more BushCos... on steroids.

As a result, education suffers, health care suffers, women's, children's and workers' rights are crushed, and democracy slips away. Choice? What choice?

You and I are becoming obsolete bystanders who struggle to get by as we watch the rich get even richer and more dominant thanks to decisions like these.

Power to the people corporations!

We need to fight back, and hard.

  • HarborGuy

    ...and the so-called "voter" is too frack'n stupid to do a serious vote cast.

    We're doomed.

  • 42bkdodgr

    Should the Supreme Court, as it is current comprised, approve this judge's ruling, our country will in no way resemble the type of country the writters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution envisioned and fought for.

    Instead of being ruled by the King of England, will will be totally be ruled by the big corporations.

    What next, giving corporations the right to vote?