VIDEO: Oops! Michele Bachmann demands freedom of speech... except for the L.A. Times


Priceless. Just perfect. Watch all the way to the very end:

In this excerpt from a KPIA radio interview , Bachmann expresses her love of the 1st amendment and freedom of speech -- hers, but no one else's, that is. Pay particular attention to the last few moments of the video as the scared little hypocrite worries about avoiding an awaiting LA Times reporter.

Do you hear Michele? Well, do you? Censorship is bad. Very bad.

Michele Bachmann: Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day!


  • Mainstream American

    Hilarious. She wants to be free to talk to her supporters, but duck critical press that hold her accountable for her whackadoodle ideas. What is she five years old? How did this woman get elected? Aren't there any adults in her district? I can't believe she thinks she has what it takes to be President. In Ca. we can find better people to run the local PTA. Smart people move back to the Midwest, the idiots you left behind have taken over.

  • dam

    That should be nuns.

  • dam

    When I was going to Catholic school, any kid who talked in church caught hell from the nums.

  • Since when can't people talk in church?

    Oops! During mass. Shhhhhh!

  • "The antidote to speech is more speech." And the antidote to murder is...