Rove, Rove, Rove Your Gloat



Thank you Citizens United. We cannot begin to tell you how much you've done for America. You know, like screwing with democracy, elections, and voters by dumping entire bins of cash into campaigns.

Regular old people like you and me can kiss our not-bought-and-paid-for votes good-bye, because they're becoming more and more meaningless:

American Crossroads and its affiliates are the offspring of George W. Bush administration strategist Karl Rove and other senior GOP leaders who once worked within the regular party structure, especially the Republican National Committee and its tradition-encrusted headquarters near the Capitol.

Other independent groups — such as Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks — have sprung up with operations often tailored closely to the wishes of their conservative supporters, some of them billionaire businessmen. Crossroads officials say they work with more than 20 other conservative organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Tax Reform, to make sure money is spent effectively.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people, the Anna Nicole Smiths of America will be able to marry entire corporations instead of inconsequential wealthy older men. What a time saver! Although watch out for that Rove-ing eye they're so notorious for.

New groups formed on the left and right, but the dramatic growth has been on the right.

And to get around those pesky donor disclosure rules, Crossroads came up with their very own nonprofit affiliate, Crossroads GPS. Aren't they cunning? Hey bachelorettes, when you set your sights on a hot, wealthy corporation, remember not to overlook the snake factor! Looks aren't everything, you know.

I wonder if the Democrats have been able to compete:

As of last week, more than twice as much had been spent on television ads favoring Republican candidates as had been spent on ads for Democrats ($36 million to $16 million), according to the Campaign Media Analysis Group. [...]

So far, the conservative groups have raised and spent more money than labor and the Democrats, even though the latter went into the campaign season with a clear financial advantage.

Power to the people!

  • Kasperr

    the America before year 2000 is different than this America. So different that the twain will never meet again.

    Corruption become the rule rather than exception.

    Enron the poster child of the Bush regime,,,

    and the Rovians will if given the chance make vote counting correctly a thing of the past....

  • Jay Diamond

    I'm way to the left of you.

    Insulting a woman, the mother of a child, who dies tragically at 37 years old, in a smarmy cavalier reference intended to advance a political polemic is a crass, boorish, vulgar, and thoughtless stunt befitting the scum that you tried to critique.

    Take it from a person who lost a 37 year old is not something to make sport of.

    You're a lowlife.

    Jay Diamond

  • Blackjack

    Do not Forget that the Republican and big Corporations are one and the same. That means that they own all the newspapers. all that we See, Read, or Hear.

  • Nice try Patriot... but no cigar.

    The R's have tried to bust the unions. Read the post. See? We're behind in


    Get. Real.

  • Patr10t

    Democrats have the unions, the media, the trial lawyers, 95% of black entities, AARP, NEA, etc., etc., etc.,...quit your crying!

  • Uturn

    Is there still a truth in advertising law and could it be applied to the crap lies they are pushing?

  • let's remember that now the court rations are people they can be sued as people. It's now easier for them to cross the line of improprieties.

    All that money is not doing them a lot of good in some areas.